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Flexible record and upload settings

ClipFlip makes recording and uploading videos easy regardless of location.

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Record your desktop or current tab

You can choose to record the full desktop image or specific tabs

Select recording mode and settings

Choose the recording mode of your camera and microphone

Upload your videos directly to YouTube

Your recording looks great! Let's upload it to YouTube in one click!

Upload videos from your computer

ClipFlip supports .wnv, .avi, .webm, .mp4, .mov files. So you can select any of them!

How you can record and upload your videos

Customize your videos easily

Customization tools by ClipFlip give you amazing options for your business and personal use. They will help enhance interactions between users and help you reach your business goals.

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Adjust your video preferences

You can choose to record your full desktop image or only your current tab

Select call-to-action type and adjust it

Select 1 of our 4 CTA types and adjust it, choosing the color and text for the button

Trim videos and edit it here in ClipFlip

Select the most important parts of your recording and trim it to fit your needs

Select and add thumbnails

Make your video easy to find and pretty to look at by choosing your thumbnail

How you can customize and edit your videos

Share and manage workspaces

The ability to share videos in different ways is one of the greatest features of ClipFlip. You can share using social media or only give video access to specific people - your choice.

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Share videos using social media

Choose your social media and share video links with your followers

Give access to specific people

You can create private links to send to specific people, instead of pubic videos

Change and manage privacy settings

Make your videos public, exclusive for specific people or invisible for anyone

Set passwords for your videos

Protect your videos by setting a password and sharing it with only specific people

How you can
share your videos

Take your sales
process to a new level

ClipFlip is an incredible sales tool for your business. Get in touch with your clients and record videos over programs, website, etc.

Engage clients in your work flow

Improve your close rate by easily sharing estimates and demos with clients

Share secure content and feel safe

Set a password for your videos so nobody sees them but you and the client

Communicate with teams and clients

Create a safe communication space with ClipFlip! Record videos for your teams and build bonds between colleagues working on the same task

Present your solutions to clients

Save time for your client by making a video presentation of your product

Engage teams with projects in a new way

Discuss projects with your teams and share your thought with them

Share your design desicions

ClipFlip is perfect for designers who work directly with clients. Using ClipFlip, you'll be able to quickly get and give feedback

Don’t let important details get lost

You can highlight important details in your videos so they don't fall through the cracks

Interact with comments on your videos

You can easily comment and reply to comments in the ClipFlip web app

Marketing videos for your clients and customers

Creating marketing videos is easy with ClipFlip. Use our customization tools to make an incredible presentation for your customers

Create engaging video content

Videos draw more attention than static photos

Promote new features to your customers

Share new features with your customers to maximize their benefits from your product

Use ClipFlip for code reviews

ClipFlip can be especially useful for engineers who work remotely or on outsourcing. Using ClipFlip, you'll be able to make and get code reviews and interact with teams better

Make videos for smooth code reviews

Show how the code works in different conditions and give advice for improvements

Connect with outsourced engineers

Interact with your remote and outsourced coworkers to discuss your work flow

Flexibility. Balance. Connection. Get them all in a few clicks

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