ClipFlip Video Messaging Platform

Create personalized video messages. Put your brand front and center. Track and measure results.

Flexible record and upload settings

ClipFlip makes recording and sharing videos easy

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Record your desktop, browser or webcam

You can choose to record the full desktop image, a specific tab in your browser and include your webcam or not.

Customize Your Videos

Trim your videos. Set custom headlines, descriptions and calls to action.

Record with Chrome Extension

Use ClipFlip Chrome Extension or the web application to record and upload videos.

Upload videos from your computer

Have a favorite video to share? No problem, upload it to ClipFlip from your computer.

Set custom calls to action on your videos

Brand your videos

ClipFlip puts your brand front and center. No ads or intrusive branding. Your videos are served on a clean landing page that reflects your brand and message

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Set your brand preferences

Customize the video landing page with your brand colors

Select call-to-action type and adjust it

Drive visits to your website, calls, emails or file downloads within your videos

You control the message

Set the headline and description to convey your message

Use your logo and favicon

Set your logo and favicon to brand your video landing page and create a professional image

Show off your brand with engaging video landing pages

Share your videos instantly

Share quickly and easily with a video link and animated thumbnail preview

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GIF thumbnails

Animated GIF thumbnail previews help to increase the click-through rate on your videos and get noticed

Share with one or many

Copy and link and drop in in a text or email for instant sharing or build it into your video marketing stategy

Get social

Share to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Gmail with customized settings and one click access

Control your video settings

Choose to allow video downloads, comments and emojis

Break through the noise and clutter with personalized video messaging

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